Monday, August 8, 2016

VPN for Steam: How to buy video games cheaper on Steam with a free VPN on Windows?

Steam is a platform for online content distribution oriented around video games. Many gamers prefer to play video games on Steam: It's easy to buy and update video games on the Steam platform. Since recently, some video game fans ask me how to buy video games cheaper on Steam. In fact, there is definitely a trick to buy cheaper on Steam. Read this article with patience to know how to buy video games cheaper on Steam and how to get a VPN for Steam.

Use VPN to buy video games cheaper on Steam

The definition of VPN is not new to gamers. In short, VPN is a simple software to change IP and encrypt the exchange of data online. We already know that Steam offers the price varied by geographic location of a user and Steam identifies the geographic location of a user by his IP address. For the price of a game in different countries, you can use a VPN to change IP in order to be virtually in different countries to compare prices and buy cheaper on Steam. A VPN is often helpful for players on Steam. Since I'm in Europe, I often use United States VPN, Russia VPN and China VPN to check the price of a game in the country or region.

China VPN is very useful to buy cheaper on Steam, because games are often cheaper in China than in Europe and North America due to the exchange rate. Thus, I can make the right purchase decision and buy cheaper on Steam. In addition, Australia VPN and New Zealand VPN often allows us to unlock ahead and play earlier to new video games on Steam.

At the same time, if you pay much attention to your security and privacy on the Internet, VPN helps you to remain anonymous and make your encrypted online traffic.
Steam VPN

Best VPN to buy cheap video games on Steam

Personally, I am in the "shared IP" plan of FlyVPN. FlyVPN has installed over 30 VPN servers in the United States and over 60 servers in China that allows you to properly compare the price of a game in different countries and buy cheaper on Steam. You can download the client FlyVPN for Windows from the link provided.

FlyVPN also offers free VPN accounts on its official website. Let's take the opportunity to buy cheaper on Steam!

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