Friday, September 23, 2016

VPN for Xbox: How to setup and use a VPN service on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

Many gamers want to know how to setup and use a VPN service on Xbox. In this article, we'll introduce a good free VPN service for Xbox and how to use a free VPN on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Best free VPN service for Xbox

Before learning how to setup VPN on Xbox, we should at first find a good and reliable free VPN service for Xbox. Among all the free VPN services for Xbox I've ever used, FlyVPN free trial service remains the best. So I will take FlyVPN's free trial service as example to introduce how to setup free VPN on Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Free VPN for Xbox One and Xbox 360

How to setup free VPN on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

In order to setup free VPN on Xbox, you should have two things at hand: a ethernet cable and a VPN client for Windows (because we'll have share VPN connection to Xbox from Windows PC or laptop). You can download FlyVPN client for Windows from the link given.

1. Connect to VPN on Windows. Then you can see FlyVPN connection under “Network Connections” have been established.

2. Right click on FlyVPN connection and go to its properties.
a: Click “Sharing” tab.
b: Select either Local Area Network or XBOX 360/PS3 (if that appears) in the “Home network connection”.
c: Check "Allow other people to use this connection" box.
d: Click “OK” .Then your FlyVPN connection has been shared.

3. Double click FlyVPN connection, input your FlyVPN account and password. Click “Connect”. Then your are connected FlyVPN successfully on PC/Laptop.

4. Plug your XBOX 360 to your PC/laptop with ethernet cable. Make sure on your XBOX 360 dashboard your IP settings and DNS Settings are set to automatic.

5. XBOX 360 can surf via FlyVPN connection.

If you have further questions on how to setup VPN for Xbox, you can read a more detailed tutorial here:

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