Friday, March 3, 2017

How to bypass the firewall in university or at school?

The firewall at school, at university or in a university residence is not new to students. School institutions exercise this type of restriction to reserve Internet access from school to study and prevent students from spending too much time on online video games as well as social media websites. To take advantage of the Internet connection at school or in a university residence, it is better to use a VPN service to bypass the firewall at university or school and thus surf the Internet without limit at school or in a university residence.

VPN to bypass Internet restrictions in school, college and university

Why VPN helps to bypass the Internet restriction at school?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, serves as an encrypted network that creates a direct link between remote computers. This means that all data passed through the VPN server is encrypted and no one can access it except the VPN administrator. In the case of a firewall at school or in a university residence, when we try to access Facebook, for example, all our traffics pass through VPN and are therefore not visual for the school network. For example, you can access blocked sites at school or in a university residence or play online video games without worrying about the blocking or the ping problem.

As for the choice of the VPN server, it is better to choose a VPN server located closer to your school or university. Thus, you will encounter less ping when you unblock the restriction of your school or university. But if you visit a website whose server is abroad, it is better to connect to a server VPN near the server of the website you want to visit. (For example, if you are playing on the North America server of League of Legends from a school in France, you should sign in to a US VPN server.)

How to get a free VPN?

VPN is very easy to use. You can configure VPN on devices under any type of operating system: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayStation, XBOX ... Please consult free VPN tutorial for how to configure it.

In addition, FlyVPN offers VPN free trial service, you can use it to test the FlyVPN service or for urgent use. In the FlyVPN shared IP VPN plan, 160 server VPN choices are offered to bypass the Internet or school restriction. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask me for answers. Thank you for your attention.

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