Friday, June 30, 2017

Bypass Internet censorship in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has declared a state of emergency to try to counter growing protests demanding the resignation of the president. Kiev began to restrict television and Internet. Some Internet service providers have already started blocking Internet access for people located in Ukraine.

How to bypass Internet censorship in Ukraine?

In order to allow people to access censored sites, we recommend that you use a USA VPN. This is a way for Ukrainian citizens to unblock the Internet and access the censored sites.

Simply connect to a VPN server that subsequently redirects your navigation by concealing your original IP. If you are interested in obtaining a VPN, we recommend that you use FlyVPN, it provides more than 130 VPN servers in 31 different countries. And it provides VPN free trial to bypass Internet censorship in Ukraine.

With this free VPN, you can bypass censorship and enjoy secure, anonymous and unrestricted Internet access. If you would like more information about VPN, please visit FlyVPN's free trial service page.

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