Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to avoid DDOS attacks with VPN?

DDOS or DOS (denial-of-service) is a computer-based attack that has the purpose of rendering a service or service unavailable, preventing legitimate users of a service from using it. DDOS (Denial of Service Attack) is now one of the oldest Internet threats and continues to be the main risk to networks around the world.

How does the DDOS work?

Before launching an attack, the attacker must first obtain the IP address of the target computer. With the IP address of the target computer, the attacker gets to know a lot of information about this computer and therefore can better plan this attack. (It is therefore advisable to use a VPN service to hide its IP and avoid attack DDOS. If we change our IP, the attacker can not identify us and launch a DDOS attack.)

There are more than 20% of the computers infected by a botnet in the world, they are "zombie PCs". When launching a DDOS, the attacker uses the bandwidth of uploading PCs infected by the botnet (in small quantity so that it goes unnoticed), to send thousands to see millions of requests on the target computer ( Or even a website / game server, etc ...).

Some "zombie PCs" send queries to unsecured DNS servers in order to amplify the attack.

Avoid DDOS attacks with VPN

How to avoid a DDOS attack with VPN?

Since the IP address is important for launching a DDOS attack, we must therefore protect our own IP address. VPN is a simple and effective tool to change our own IP address, which allows video game players to avoid and bypass DDOS attacks.

Compared to dedicated IP VPN, buying shared IP VPN is the best choice to avoid and bypass DDOS. Because the shared IP VPN plan offers more VPN servers available and normally costs no more than dedicated IP VPN.

As for the shared IP VPN provider, I recommend FlyVPN which has 400+ VPN servers in 30+ countries. Here is FlyVPN's servers location list.

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