Monday, April 17, 2017

Reasons to get a VPN: Why use a VPN service?

VPN, abbreviation of "Virtual Private Network", is a software or a computer tool that is much used today to change and hide your IP address to surf the Internet anonymously, unblock blocked sites, improve the speed of the Internet connection and bypass geographic restrictions. It will be a bit difficult to understand the VPN functions if you do not know how the VPN works. In this article, I will present it in detail.

Reasons why use a VPN service

What is VPN? What's the function of VPN?

According to Wikipedia, VPN is a system for creating a direct link between remote computers. VPN is actually an encrypted network. This means that all the data exchanged and passed in this network have been secured and are not accessible to other people on the Internet, even to your ISP. That's why VPN can hide your local IP address. Since this is a DIRECT link between remote computers, data is no longer required to pass through other intermediate servers. Instead, they just go through that network. This is why VPN helps to improve the speed of the Internet connection.Having known how VPN works and its definition, you may also want to know what the VPN is all about. Just read with patience.

Make anonymous online and bypass Internet monitoring

VPN helps you hide your original IP address. Since Internet monitoring Hadopi and Intelligence Act uses the IP address to identify users, VPN allows you to bypass all types of online monitoring. To surf anonymously on the Internet, I propose you to use the "L2TP" protocol and connect to a server VPN geolocalizing abroad.

Unblock blocked sites and watch foreign TV

As VPN is used to change your original IP address to another country or region, you may unblock blocked sites in your country or region and watch foreign TV reserved for local residents. For example, if you are in Mainland China, you will not be able to access Facebook, Twitter, Google ... from China because of Chinese Internet censorship. At that time, using a Hong Kong VPN, you get a Hong Kong IP address and you can unblock the sites above from Mainland China. Another example is that most of the official sites of the television channels have a geographical restriction to prohibit the access of foreign Internet users. With the VPN, you can therefore watch TV abroad and watch foreign TV.

Lower your ping and stabilize the lag of video games

VPN creates a direct link between remote computers. This is why VPN helps to improve the speed of the Internet connection. Because the speed of the connection is very important for video games activities, you can use a VPN to reduce ping and lower lag when playing video games, especially on a foreign server. For example, if you are playing North America on an online video game from France, you may encounter the ping problem. Just connect to a VPN server in US to get a direct link between your device and the game server located in North America.

VPN Provider Proposal

I recommend FlyVPN which offers the VPN free trial service before purchasing the paid service. FlyVPN has installed more than 160 VPN servers in more than 30 countries around the world. If you still have questions about VPN, do not hesitate to ask me by leaving a comment.


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