Monday, May 7, 2018

Why and how to change IP address with a VPN?

The IP address of a user comes in the form of a unique number that identifies precisely each of the devices connected to the network. This number is assigned automatically when connecting to a network, in the case of internet, it is the ISP that assigns an IP address when connecting a client. This IP address is then used as a signature to connect to all servers Internet sites to be visited. The IP address can thus identify each user, but also to keep track of on the internet through all the websites he has visited. However, it is possible to hide and change IP using a VPN.

VPN change IP

Change IP address to stay anonymous

The first reason why a user to change the IP address is of course the desire to ensure anonymity and to protect the network monitoring. By masking their IP address and replacing it with another IP, users can be completely anonymous, and even protect their online activities.

The simplest tool to hide and change the IP address remains a VPN service. When you use a VPN, the system allocates you automatically a new IP address that comes hide and replace the IP address that was assigned to you by your provider access.

However, in order to remain completely anonymous, you have to choose the right VPN service. Surfing the internet with a VPN, the user leaves appear an IP address that will be linked to the system he has chosen. But protection is actually unbreakable, if the VPN you choose guarantees as FlyVPN that your information will never be shared. To stay safe, it is best to choose a VPN which is located outside your country. Thus, you are guaranteed that even in case of prosecution, the authorities will not go back to your real identity.

Change IP address to circumvent geographical blocks

Change IP address also bypasses all the geographical restrictions that are placed on certain websites. This option is particularly interesting, since in choosing the right VPN server, the system offers the possibility to bypass geographic rules and therefore to use sites that are dedicated to users of a specific country, from all over the world.

So just use a VPN service as FlyVPN which offers a stable VPN server in the country of your choice to watch TV from abroad. A VPN allows you to enjoy television or video services from other countries, simply choose the appropriate VPN server. A VPN server based in the US will enable you to enjoy all the services of American websites.

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