Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Upcoming Nexon games to be released from now until 2017: How to unblock Nexon games earlier and how to bypass geo-blocking?

As Korea's biggest video game producer, Nexon has announced today over 30 new games which are scheduled to be released from now until 2017. Some of them will be showcased at G-Star 2016. Continue reading this article to know what are these upcoming video games and how to play upcoming video games earlier without any restrictions with a VPN service.

Nexon's new video games to be released before 2017

Here are the video games for PC which will be released before 2017:
Hyper Universe
Need For Speed Edge
Moonlight Blade
Peria Chronicles
Project Meta

Here are the video games for mobile which will be available before 2017:
Gunpie Adventures
Tales Runner Revolt
Shin Dynasty Warriors Unleashed
Tree of Savior Mobile
Unknown Heroes
Arena Masters
Elsword Slash
Dragon Nest II: Legend
Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit
Dark Avenger III
Project Wifun
Project Blast
Project DH
Talesweaver Mobile

How to unblock Nexon's upcoming video games earlier and play them without any restriction?

It is common that some video games will be released firstly in some countries and later in other countries. Geographic restrictions are also common in video gaming industry. So you'd better use a VPN service to protect your online freedom in video gaming. I suggest you try FlyVPN's free trial service.
If you don't know how to use VPN on different operating systems, here are some tutorials:
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