Friday, February 10, 2017

Free Africa VPN to get an African IP

Do you want to get an Africa VPN to unblock websites that are only available in Africa? Would you like to listen to African music and watch Africa from any country? It's possible. In this article, we'll present why use an Africa VPN and introduce a reliable free Africa VPN service. Please read this article with patience.

Why use an Africa VPN to get an African IP address?

For those who love African culture, an Africa VPN service is a necessity to unlock African streaming music sites and African TV websites outside Africa. As we all know, almost all of the world's music or video streaming sites have a geographic restriction to deny access to users who reside abroad. When we use an Africa VPN, we actually connect to a VPN server in Africa and our traffics go via the VPN server to which we connect. Thus, we obtains an African IP address.

Moreover, using an Africa VPN can secure our communication and data exchange on the Internet. Since VPN serves as an encrypted network between our device and the site server we access, VPN make all of our communication encrypted as well. That's why the others, even the ISP, will not have access to our communications or online data.

Free Africa VPN to get an African IP

Best free Africa VPN service

FlyVPN offers Africa VPN free trial service for everyone. By using FlyVPN's free trial service, we'll be able to connect to VPN servers in South Africa and Egypt. And the free trial service can be used on different operating systems. You can read the following part to learn how to.

How to use free Africa VPN on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux?

Here are some tutorials that will help you get a free Africa VPN connection on different operating systems:
Free Africa VPN on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS
Free Africa VPN on Linux

If you still have questions about how to use a free Africa VPN to get an African IP on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, please feel free to contact us.

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