Monday, February 20, 2017

Free Russia VPN: How to get a Russian IP?

Many internet users ask me how to get a Russian IP address. In fact, with a VPN service, it's very easy to change its IP address. In the case of Russian IP address, you just need to use a Russia VPN to get a Russian IP address. Having a Russian IP address, you can be virtually in Russia on the Internet and you can watch Russian TV online from any country, play Russian video games and unblock blocked websites outside Russia.

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Why a Russia VPN serves to get a Russian IP address?

Firstly, you need to know the definition of VPN. VPN is actually an encrypted network realized by a VPN server. When using a Russia VPN, we actually connect to a VPN server located in Russia and all our traffics pass through this VPN server in Russia. This is how one gets a Russian IP address to make the websites consider him as a visitor in Russia. The IP address serves as the identifier of a user's rental. With a Russian IP address, we are like a surfer living in Russia.

How to get a free Russia VPN to change and hide IP address?

As far as I know, FlyVPN offers a free Russia VPN service that gives you a Russian IP address. This service is also compatible with most operating systems: Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS ... Here are tutorials that will enable you get a free Russia VPN connection on different devices:
Free Russia VPN on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
Free Russia VPN on Linux
Free Russia VPN on Xbox
Free Russia VPN on PlayStation via Windows
Free Russia VPN on PlayStation via Mac

If you still have questions about how to use a free Russia VPN to get a Russian IP address, please make a comment.

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