Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Free VPN for Mac OS X: How to get and use a free VPN on Mac OS X?

For Macbook users, it is necessary to find a good VPN for Mac OS X. In this article, I'll recommend a free VPN service for Mac OS X and introduce how to get and use a free VPN on Mac OS X.

Best free VPN for Mac OS X

Among all the VPN services for Mac OS X I've used, FlyVPN is probably the best VPN for Mac OS X. FlyVPN has launched its free VPN client for Mac OS X has also installed more than 200 VPN servers worldwide . You can look at the list of VPN servers to see if there's any VPN servers you want. You can also find two free VPN accounts on its official website. I will present in the next section how to enjoy FlyVPN free trial of Mac OS X.
Free VPN Mac OS X

How to use a free VPN on Mac OS X?

Here are the steps you must follow to get and use a free VPN on Mac OS X:

1. Click the link to download free VPN client for Mac OS X
2. Enter the free VPN account in the interface and click "connect". You can check the free trial VPN page to get two free VPN accounts.
3. Choose the VPN server as you want to connect to it.
4. Click "Connect" to connect to this VPN server.
5. You can now use the free VPN connection on Mac OS X.

If you still have questions about how to get and use a free VPN on Mac OS X, please kindly leave a comment.

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