Saturday, July 9, 2016

Free Europe VPN to get an European IP address on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Many gamers living outside Europe need a European IP address to get a European Internet environment. It is not difficult to get a European IP address with a VPN service. VPN is a very useful and popular logistic to change and modify the original IP address. If you want to get a European IP address, please read this article with patience. I will present why and how to use a VPN Europe for a European IP address.

Free Europe VPN

Why use a VPN Europe to get a European IP address?

In short, a VPN Europe helps you to get a European IP address and therefore you find yourself virtually in Europe on the Internet. Here's what you can do if you have a VPN Europe:

Watch European TV outside Europe
Many TV channels sites carrying a geographical restriction use IP blocking to make their shows or videos only available to locals residents. For example, you can access EuroSport Player with a European IP address.

Lower the table when playing video games online
Lag and ping problem is not new for the fans of online games. A lot of European gamers prefer to play on the EU server video games. Since the distance between players and the EU servers is the main cause of the lag problem and that VPN creates a direct link between its users and VPN servers, VPN Europe allows players playing on the US server outside Europe with the lowest lag.

Bypassing Internet censorship and monitoring
The VPN Europe serves as a useful tool even for locals in Europe. A good example is the French Internet users can connect to a VPN server in neighboring countries (VPN Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland ...) to escape the French supervision, including Piracy Act and Intelligence. As VPN is an encrypted network, your data via this service is not accessible to people.

How to get a Free Europe VPN?

You'd better to buy a paid VPN service instead of using a VPN totally free, if you pay a lot of attention to your online privacy. However, a VPN free trial before purchase is required to test whether this VPN service works well. Personally, I am in the shared IP VPN plan FlyVPN in which 20 VPN servers in Europe (United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland) are included. You can also enjoy Europe VPN free trial before purchase: If you still have questions about Europe VPN, please leave a comment.

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