Saturday, May 27, 2017

Obtaining a Quebec IP address outside Quebec

Quebec is a province of Canada, whose capital is the city of Quebec and the main metropolis is Montreal. Located in the east-central part of the country, between Ontario and the Atlantic provinces, Quebec shares borders with the United States and remains the largest province in Canada. This article helps to use a Québec VPN service to get a Québec IP address.

Quebec VPN

Why get an IP address from Québec?

As a former French concession, Quebec still has French as its official language. For Québec / Canadian expatriates and francophones who want to watch Québec TV and visit Québec sites, a Québec IP address is required and mandatory to bypass the geographical restrictions imposed by certain sites.
In addition, a Quebec IP address can help you access other resources on the Internet, including English-language Canadian sites and television.

How do I get an IP address from Québec?

Simply use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to change your local IP address. FlyVPN, one of the best VPN providers, has 150+ servers in 33+ countries, including a VPN server in Montreal, Canada. FlyVPN offers both paid service and free trial. You can find the Québec VPN free trial service from the given link. Still, it is well advised to buy the paid service because the free trial account logs out every 20 minutes and its word Changes every 30 minutes. Warning: you must use the account "vpnu" to enjoy a Québec VPN.

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