Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to unblock iHeartRadio outside the United States?

iHeartRadio is an American webradio service founded in April 2008. iHeartRadio offers more than a thousand songs and music in its streaming music service and allows its users to create their own online radio station. Despite its friendly service and popularity inside and outside the United States, iHeartRadio is now only available in the United States. It is a shame for most Francophones living in Europe, Africa and Canada. However, there is a solution to unblock iHeartRadio outside the United States: use VPN to change the original IP to a US IP address.

Unblock iHeartRadio with United States VPN

How to unblock iHeartRadio outside of the United States?

Since iHeartRadio can only be accessed from the United States, some will ask: How can iHeartRadio identify the geographical location of their users and deny access to visitors outside the United States? The answer is simple: iHeartRadio takes advantage of a technology called "IP-blocking" which is omnipresent in the sites of video and music streaming. With the absence of the international right of broadcasting, the IP-blocking is there to reserve the service to the local users. Having experienced this technology, one can take advantage of a free US VPN trial to unblock iHeartRadio.

I am currently in Japan and therefore can not enjoy the service iHeartRadio. When I click on "Live Radio", iHeartRadio tells me "Page not found: Sorry. And in the address bar of the browser, iHeartRadio identifies that I am in Japan (What intelligence ...). I therefore use the United States free trial service provided by FlyVPN. After VPN connection, I empty the cache (This process is very important). When I revisit iHeartRadio's Live Radio page, iHeartRadio believes I'm in Chicago, the United States.

Best US VPN provider to unblock iHeartRadio

I used a lot of US VPN service. Among all VPN providers in the US, I prefer to use FlyVPN to unlock iHeartRadio from France. In the shared IP VPN plan, FlyVPN offers VPN servers in Los Angeles, Scranton, New York City, Fremont, Portland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle ... If you need a fixed US IP address , You can try the dedicated USA IP VPN service. You can also visit the official FlyVPN website for more information about VPN.

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