Friday, May 19, 2017

How to unblock and watch CraveTV outside Canada?

CraveTV (, created by Bell, a new on-demand TV service, offers content from HBO and Showtime, including Games of Thrones, Entourage, Sopranos, Billions, Ray Donovan, South Park, etc. If you live in Canada, you just have to subscribe to CraveTV to enjoy all the content on HBO and Show. Outside Canada, Streaming content is geoblocked. At that time, you must use a VPN Service. This article shows you the popular shows on CraveTV, why the VPN allows you to unbock CraveTV outside of Canada and how to use the VPN.
Unblock CraveTV with Canada VPN

Why a VPN helps to unblock CraveTV outside Canada

CraveTV is able to locate your location by looking at your IP address. Once detected that you are out of Canada, CraveTV's server prevents you from watching streaming broadcasts. So it is better to get a Canadian IP address with a Canada VPN to solve this problem.

How to use a Canada VPN to unlock CraveTV outside Canada?

Currently, many VPN providers can be found, but many VPN providers have not established servers in Canada or their servers are unstable. I have been using the VPN Canada server offered by FlyVPN for 3 years. You can try FlyVPN, it works. Particularly, FlyVPN offers Canada VPN free trial service.
I.Download a VPN APP on your streaming device, iOS, Android, Windows, PC, PS, etc.
II.Sign up for VPN APP. Subscribe to FlyVPN or use VPN Free Android.
III. Connect to VPN APP.
IV.On the server list, find the VPN Canada server
V. Connect to the VPN Canada server

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