Monday, May 8, 2017

Watch France 3 outside France: How to bypass the geographical restriction of France 3 and unblock France 3 everywhere?

France 3 is a French national general public TV channel. You can now watch France 3 for free on However, expatriates living outside the French territory could be blocked by the geographical restriction of France 3. But we did find a solution to unblock France 3 outside France: use a France VPN to obtain a French IP address.

Why France VPN is used to unblock France 3 outside France?

France 3 identifies the geographical location of its visitors by their IP address. To watch France 3 live on the Internet from abroad, you need to obtain a French IP address. VPN France is the most used tool to obtain a French IP address outside France. You can therefore use a France VPN to bypass France 3's geographic restriction and watch France 3 from anywhere.

Unblock and watch France 3 outside France with VPN

How to watch France 3 live from abroad on Android and iOS?

To unblock France 3 live on Android and iOS, you must use a France VPN which is compatible with Android and iOS. I suggest you try FlyVPN application for iOS and Android. All new FlyVPN application users for iOS and Android can get 14 days VPN free trial service. And with an invitation code 27002031, you will get 5 days free trial VPN over.

How to unblock France 3 outside France on Windows, Mac and Linux?

It is necessary to find a France VPN service compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux to unblock France 3 live from abroad on these operating systems. I suggest using FlyVPN's free France VPN for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

If you still have questions on how to unblock and watch France 3 from anywhere on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, please leave a comment.

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